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Walkie Caddie (Yellow)


The Walkie Caddie is a tool belt fit specifically for a walkie talkie. When filled with every day production essentials: batteries, pens, markers, multi-tools, etc., it fits snugly on the walkie and is meant to be a quick go-to for the things anyone on production will need throughout their day. It’s time to stop guessing where things are and start knowing where they are.

The Walkie Caddie has seven compartments; two for larger everyday production items like 9 volt batteries, or multi-tools, and five compartments for standard sized pens, markers, AA batteries, and even chapstick. The Walkie Caddie has a sturdy, elastic band that fits over a Walkie Talkie’s belt clip holding it firmly in place. It is measured specifically so that all parts of a Walkie Talkie are accessible.
The Walkie Caddie is available in solid black with white, or yellow detail. It is stylish, but more importantly, an asset to production. Without going through every pants pocket to find where you put your Sharpie, you’ve earned 1 minute of your life and sanity back every time. It’s time to stop playing Hide and Seek with your tools, and find them right away, every time.
Reclaim your pockets!

Pouch only - Walkie Talkie not included

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