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FilmPro Headset & Tubeez Combo


  • Tan FilmPro + Desert Storm Tubeez
  • 1 Year Warranty!
  • Durable& Rugged FilmPro (motorola radio earpiece) PLUS a matching TUBEEZ (threaded walkie talkie earpiece) for you to be fully equipped and ready for the toughest surveillance jobs - with all-day comfort and style! The FilmPro equips you with the top of the line surveillance headset while the TUBEEZ readies you to take on the entire day WITHOUT that irritating stick and itch regular silicone acoustic tubes give.
  • FilmPro is Factory Tested for Durability! - Kevlar Reinforced Cable Assembly, Water Resistant Mic, Medical Grade (Hypoallergenic) Silica. Motorola 2-pin (M1) Compatible Connector w/ Acoustic Tube & Interchangeable Earplug. Wires and buttons are made to take on over 100,000 clicks!
  • TUBEEZ is the threaded walkie talkie earpiece that eliminates the stick and itch with traditional acoustic tubes. The threading not only provides style and comfort, it also prevents that annoying condensation build up. Plus... they're excellent conversation starters ;)
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